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What is Hi-Def Liposuction?

Hi-Def Liposuction, or Hi-Def Liposculpture, is an advanced body-sculpting procedure that utilizes lasers, ultrasound or radiofrequency energy to locate and remove excess fat tissues and sculpt your muscles. It’s an incredibly involved and personalized procedure, and is tailored to each individual’s specific physique and cosmetic expectations.

Your surgeon removes fat tissues from targeted regions to highlight the underlying muscles, creates lines, and chisels out the muscle definition in your pecs, abs, lats, etc., to give you a toned and athletic appearance. Your surgeon can also inject purified and processed fat tissue into regions that require a lift, such as the buttocks, shoulders, or breasts.

What are the benefits of hi-def lipo?

  • Targeted fat removal from superficial and subnormal layers
  • Treats multiple areas across the body for overall body sculpting results
  • Treatments are personalized to the patient’s individual needs
  • Reveals the underlying muscles by removing the fat layers
  • Fat removed from one area can be injected into another area for a lift or enhancement
  • An ideal procedure to attain a lean and athletic physique
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What is recovery from hi-def lipo like?

Everyone’s recovery journey is unique and everyone recovers at their own pace. You should expect to take about a week off work from a more extensive treatment, but the precise recovery duration depends on several factors including the size and number of treated areas and the severity of treatment. You’ll likely wear a compression garment for 2 - 4 weeks after the procedure, and follow post-operative guidelines from Dr. Afrooz.

You can expect swelling, bruising and mild discomfort for a few days after the surgery. You can resume work after the first week but should avoid intense exercises for 2 weeks to prevent bleeding. When you start exercising, start light and gradually work your way up.

When will I see the results of hi-def lipo?

You’ll see some of the results of Hi-Def Lipo immediately, but these will start becoming more apparent and pronounced after swelling and bruising subside, and extending out to around six weeks. The treatment’s results will continue improving for several months. During this period, it;s best to maintain a good diet, stay hydrated and wear compression garments to facilitate optimal recovery.

Once you’ve recovered completely, you can expect a transformed physique with increased muscle definition, well-sculpted contours, shapely arms and shoulders, visible six-pack abs and/or voluminous buttocks.

Am I a suitable candidate for hi-def lipo?

If you want to contour and sculpt your body to remove stubborn fat tissues and highlight the underlying muscles, you’re likely a suitable candidate for hi-def lipo. Please note that it isn’t a weight-loss treatment, nor an alternative to a healthy lifestyle. The ideal candidate should already be close to their desired weight, with a BMI of less than 30 and sufficient muscle definition. You should opt for this procedure if you maintain a good diet and exercise regularly, but can’t eliminate stubborn pockets of fat.

Why choose Dr. Afrooz for hi-def lipo?

Dr. Afrooz is an incredibly talented board-certified plastic surgeon with an exceptional track record. He has trained at some of the world’s most elite plastic surgery training programs, establishing himself as one of the most reputable names in plastic surgery. He treats each cosmetic procedure like an art, tailoring each treatment to the patient’s individual needs to ensure optimal and natural-looking results.

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