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A Look Into Rhinoplasty 

When the nose is too large for the face or a certain aspect of the nose stands out, it can distract the gaze from the smile and the eyes. Rhinoplasty in Miami can address a wide array of nasal flaws, including a hump on the bridge, a droopy or bulbous tip, a pinched tip, an overly broad bridge, a flat bridge, or nostril size and shape concerns. Rhinoplasty can also be performed to resolve asymmetry, a crooked or broken nose, or breathing issues.

Due to the complexity of the nasal anatomy, technical demands of the procedure, and the artistry that is required, rhinoplasty is known to be one of the most challenging of all facial plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Paul N. Afrooz is proud to offer his patients the expertise required to deliver natural-looking, beautifully balanced results with rhinoplasty in Miami.

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Dr. Afrooz's Achievements in Rhinoplasty

Dr. Afrooz specializes in facial rejuvenation surgery as well as rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. He has served as invited faculty for the Cutting Edge Aesthetic Surgery Symposium, the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting and has traveled to other countries to lecture on facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty. He has most recently traveled to Shanghai, China and Durban South Africa, where he lectured and performed live surgery. He continues to serve as an annual faculty member for the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium, the most prestigious rhinoplasty educational symposium in the world.

Dr. Afrooz was just nominated by his peers and patients as one of the country's TOP rhinoplasty surgeons by Newsweek.

My Philosophy as a Facial Plastic Surgeon | Paul N. Afrooz, MD

My Philosophy as a Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Dr. Afrooz deserves 10 stars! I had a partial facelift, eye lift, and fat graft procedure and I am very happy! He truly cares about his patients which is not easy to find in Miami. 110% recommend.

Deborah Davis

I’m very pleased with Dr. Afrooz and his team after my facelift. I’m loving the results. Thank you Dr. Afrooz!

Carmen Yance

As a very fair skinned 74-year-old female, I needed a facelift and neck lift. So, I consulted the best plastic surgeon in my Central Florida metropolitan city. The plastic surgeon said my surgery was too complex. He referred me to Dr. Afrooz saying he is the best plastic surgeon he knows. My surgery went flawlessly. Dr. Afrooz is a perfectionist! His entire team was courteous, prompt and responsive. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the surgery.

Shirley Barrack

Bye Bye Baggy Saggy Eye! I am beyond stunned by the incredible results and it has only been 10 days since My surgery. Dr. Afrooz is a perfectionist, an artist and a genius. The staff is incredible!

Valerie Owen

I recently had a facelift, fat grafting, lip lift and upper & lower blepharoplasty. Dr. Afrooz and his staff were kind, warm and professional from beginning to end! I look amazing and I couldn't be happier with my results. For all the work I had done I look natural with no scars showing. He's a genius and an artist. I highly recommend Dr. Afrooz which I already have to my friends.

Kelly Wright

Extremely professional with extraordinary skills and excellent bedside manners. He addressed every one of my questions, responded to all my concerns and took his time to carefully study my face providing me with that extra care and attention as a patient. He's a true perfectionist that really cares a great deal about his work and patients. An incredible experience from consultation to post-op appointments. He was always available! I highly recommend Dr. Paul Afrooz and his team.

Isabella Zappala

Wow! I had and continue to have such an awesome experience. I had blepharoplasty on upper and lower lids. The staff and Dr. Afrooz were beyond wonderful. My lower bags were so bad people constantly asked are you tired? I am so happy with the results! His team is so efficient but best of all fun! Highly recommend!

Margaret Shepherd

Excellent! From initial consultation through recovery Dr. Afrooz and team delivered excellence on every level. Hardly know where to begin regarding Dr. Paul Afrooz. His qualifications and talent speak volumes and his sincere and caring nature was a real plus. Dr. Afrooz’s ability to listen and recommend solutions was exactly what I needed. Highly recommend this entire team!

Anne Grealy

It has been just 30 days since my surgery with Dr. Afrooz and I am exceedingly happy with my results already. Dr. Afrooz is an extremely talented and patient man and his entire staff is top notch. I did a lot of research online and narrowed my search to 3 doctors. After meeting with all 3 I decided that I would put my trust in Dr. Afrooz. To say this was important to me would be a tremendous understatement. Dr. Afrooz did a complete facelift and necklift.

William Coleman

When I finally met with Dr. Afrooz, the energy during that first conversation with him made me feel confident that I would obtain my desired results. His excitement, professionalism, and presence during every visit were markers that I highly valued. Dr. Afrooz is an EXPERT on the face; he knew exactly how to give me a thin, lifted nose that upgraded my facial structure. The difference isn't just in the side profile, but even in the front!

Athena B

It is evident that he is truly a perfectionist and an expert in his craft. I am over the moon happy with my results and am grateful every day that I chose Dr. Afrooz and his team to do my surgery. I contemplated getting a rhinoplasty for many years and never found a surgeon that I truly felt comfortable moving forward with until I found Dr. Afrooz. I cannot recommend Dr. Afrooz and his team enough if you are wanting to get a rhinoplasty.

Megan Kliment

I believe that the great thing about his work is that he understands that what makes us beautiful as people are our unique features. He perfects your unique beauty instead of altering what makes you you.

Nico Abadie

Choosing Dr. Afrooz as my surgeon was the best decision I could have made. Thank you Dr. Afrooz & your team of incredibly kind, talented, and patient nurses and administrators. I used to scoff when I read reviews about surgery being a "breeze" -- surgery is surgery -- but with Dr. Afrooz, it genuinely was a breeze because of his meticulous planning. Thank you for everything, Dr. Afrooz. You are the best.

Nadia B

For the first time ever I am no longer self conscious of my nose or chin! Im so grateful to Dr. Afrooz for everything he has done for me! Best decision ever, I would do it a million times over again!

Taylor Mercer

I'm currently almost 2 months post-op and I'm so grateful for Dr. Afrooz for giving me the nose I've always wanted! He's passionate at what he does and he's a perfectionist with his craft. His team was the absolute best and I couldn't thank them enough for making me feel so comfortable before and after my surgery!

Melika Keshani

Best decision I ever made was coming to doctor Paul Afrooz. He did such an amazing job on my nose. Dr. Afrooz not only the best surgeon you will ever find but got such a sweet soul and his staffs are amazing people. Couldn’t ask for a better result . If you’re ever thinking coming here you should he’s the BEST surgeon!

Gabriela Villatoro

The staff and doctors/nurses are so nice and welcoming. Everyone made me feel comfortable. I had got done a rhinoplasty by Dr. Afrooz and he did an amazing job!! I love my nose and I’m so happy with the results.

Lesly Angie

My daughter is 14 and recently had her rhinoplasty done with Dr. Paul Afrooz. She is so in love with her new nose and already so much more confident. Dr.Afrooz is an artist, what he does takes an insane amount of skill and passion. He is dedicated and loves what he does so if anyone should do your surgery I can say Dr. Paul Afrooz is the absolute BEST you can possibly get. Him and his staff are the best.

Damisela Fernandez

I came to him after having 3 operations on my nose. I saw a few doctors before I saw Dr. Afrooz but when I met him I just knew that he’s the one that’s going to give me the most beautiful nose I can dream of and he did! Dr. Afrooz was the only doctor that said that he will do his best and he is very positive about the outcome of the surgery. And let me tell you he gave me more than he promised! I told him i wanted a Turkish nose and he delivered! He gave me the nose of my dreams!

Yaara Svirsky

From the first visit, I knew he was the right doctor for the job. He is a very highly trained and skilled plastic surgeon that will provide you great results without taking away your natural beauty. Also, his office team is amazing! They will help you every step of the process with a great and positive attitude. If you need a rhinoplasty, don’t hesitate to consider Dr. Paul Afrooz. You will love your results and not regret your decision!

Patricia Mantero

I am beyond thrilled with my results, happier than I ever dreamed I could be. He achieved everything I was asking for - subtle and natural. I almost feel like I have a new lease on life and look younger overall. I also can't say enough good things about the whole process, how easy and clear things were at each stage, as well as his staff. Every person in the office is warm, friendly and responsive. Best money I have ever spent on myself!

Shannon Audino

I’m very pleased with Dr. Afrooz and his team after my facelift. Believe or not .. it does not hurt. You do have to take it easy for a while but I’m loving the results. Thank you Dr. Afrooz!!

Carmen Yance

Dr Afrooz is an amazing surgeon; I've been wanting to get my nose done for some time and was scared he made me feel very comfortable and he was very knowledgeable. I can honestly say he did and incredible job on my nose, his staff was very helpful every step of the way, his bedside manners incredible. He is a surgeon you can trust to deliver.

Kemba Collins

Overall my experience with Dr. Afrooz has been nothing short of amazing. I was very nervous about my procedure and he made me feel comfortable and at ease. I can’t say enough about his kindness, professionalism and skill. Not to mention his staff and nurse. If you’re considering a facial plastic surgery procedure, look no further!

Tesy Molina

I had 2 prior surgeries before my reconstructive rhinoplasty and I had honestly given up hope. The moment we met I knew he was going to be the doctor to fix my nose. Patricia his patient coordinator was always available from day 1 to answer any questions and concerns, and Jess his lead nurse is beyond amazing and so caring. I am so grateful that my journey ended with Dr Afrooz and his staff and that I can for the first time in my life say that I love my nose.

Mila Bizzotto

Absolutely recommend Dr. Afrooz and his practice. Dr. Afrooz is very thoughtful and takes all the time you need as a patient. He won't push anything on you but is extremely knowledgeable and experienced.

Maaike Joris

I cannot speak highly enough of the staff and the nurses, they were all so nice and calming. My new nose still looks so natural and fits my face, more than my expectations could’ve been! Dr Afrooz really listened to my concerns and what I was wanting fixed. I highly recommend Dr Afrooz and his staff to anyone who is thinking of getting a rhinoplasty, I cannot imagine a more professional and caring team.

Daniela Ortega

My husband is thrilled with the results of the surgery. He was worried everyone would notice he had "work done". This couldn't be further from the truth. Our family and friends haven't said anything other than "your plant-based diet and swim workouts are doing wonders". The most important thing for me is seeing my husband, (who has always been handsome) regain the confidence he had 15 years ago and an amazing jawline to match!

Monica Gettleman

Dr. Afrooz has an amazing bed side manner and is very gentle and kind. He takes his time analyzing your face and coming up with a surgical plan. I was shocked by how easy and painless recovery was, which is another nod to the skill set of Dr. Afrooz. I am absolutely in LOVE with my new nose. My advice to anyone seeking rhinoplasty is to set up a consult with Dr. Afrooz.


Issues Rhinoplasty can Correct

If you are unhappy with the look of your nose, imagine the difference in your quality of life after rhinoplasty. It is incredible to see the difference in overall facial appearance when the size, shape, and projection of the nose structure are balanced with your features. If you have any of the following concerns, you are likely a good candidate for nose surgery in Miami:

  • Large tip
  • Hanging tip
  • Bulbous tip
  • Crooked nose
  • Overly wide bridge
  • A hump on the bridge
  • Flat bridge
  • Wide, excessively large, or elongated nostrils
  • Asymmetrical nose
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How a Rhinoplasty is Performed

The surgical technique for your custom surgery will reflect the shape of your nose and the enhancements needed. Nose surgery may involve repositioning the nasal bones or altering cartilage shape. Fat transfer or dermal fillers may also be used in tandem to achieve your ideal outcome. If you are experiencing trouble with breathing, Dr. Afrooz may correct the septum or the turbinates within the nasal cavity to improve airflow and restore a healthy nasal structure.

Personalized Rhinoplasty Techniques | Paul N. Afrooz, MD

Personalized Rhinoplasty Techniques

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Different Rhinoplasty Techniques

Open rhinoplasty

With this approach, an incision is made at the base of the columella, the thin strip of tissue separating your nostrils. This approach allows for a comprehensive reshaping of the nasal structures.

Closed rhinoplasty

Here, the incisions are placed within the nostrils – an appropriate surgical approach for minor nose shape corrections.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

Many people come to Dr. Paul N. Afrooz, one of Miami's top facial plastic surgeons to correct a less-than-satisfactory result from prior nose surgery. In some cases, the previous surgeon did not go far enough to accomplish the patient’s cosmetic goals. Other times, the surgeon went too far and removed too much cartilage or bone, resulting in structural problems that impair breathing.

After any rhinoplasty, the nose develops scar tissue, which can make future procedures more challenging. Revision rhinoplasty requires specific expertise in advanced techniques. Dr. Afrooz is an accomplished revision veteran who understands the technical demands as well as the emotional side of having to undergo a second procedure for the same issue.

Revision surgery can resolve an array of problems, including:

  • Asymmetry
  • A collapsed nasal structure
  • A nose left too large
  • A deviated septum
  • A nose that looks unnatural
  • A damaged nasal structure that requires rebuilding
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