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Both types of breast enhancement create a more appealing, attractive, and balanced figure and can boost your self-confidence and quality of life. Dr. Afrooz is a board-certified plastic surgeon and consummate artist who is passionate about delivering nuanced, sophisticated breast augmentation results that are uniquely suited to your physique.

What is breast augmentation?

A breast augmentation, which may be called “breast enlargement,” or in common terms, a “boob job,” is a cosmetic procedure to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. You may choose to have a breast augmentation if you are unhappy with the size of your breasts or your breasts appear deflated due to dramatic weight loss, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. A breast augmentation can also resolve unevenly-sized breasts.

Breast implants are the most common way to enhance breast size. Implants are filled with either silicone or saline and placed either under or above the chest muscles. Breast implants are designed to be long-lasting and come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and levels of projection. When Dr. Afrooz performs breast implant surgery, he focuses on achieving results that look and feel completely natural, plump, and beautiful.

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What are the different types of implants?

Gummy Bear implants: These are also called “form-stable” or “anatomically shaped” implants, produced in a teardrop shape to more accurately mimic natural breasts.

Saline: Saline implants require a smaller incision, as many styles are filled after placement. They are heavier but have some advantages, including that when a (rare) rupture occurs, it is obvious and can be corrected very quickly.

Silicone: Many women opt for silicone breast implants, as they are the most natural in weight and bounce, closely mimicking natural breast tissue.

What are the different incision options?

The decision about where to place the incisions will be based on the size and type of implants you choose. The three types of surgical approaches are:

Inframammary: Here, the incision is placed within the breast crease, where it is well-hidden from view by the bra line. This placement provides the surgeon with most accuracy and access, and the incision can be used again down the line for additional surgeries should the need arise.

Periareolar: The periareolar incision is made encircling the nipples with scarring camouflaged by the darker pigments in the areolas. This is appropriate for those pursuing a modest increase in cup size. The downside is that the nerves connected to the nipples may be disrupted, resulting in decreased sensation and sensitivity.

Transaxillary: This incision is placed within the folds of the armpit, where it is inconspicuous. Saline implants can be threaded through the opening and tunneled into the chest area, where they are then inflated. This virtually scarless option helps preserve feeling and breastfeeding ability in the nipples; however, it can be more difficult for the surgeon to be precise when the incision site is so far from the chest.

What are the different placement options for implants?

Placing the implants beneath the pec muscles is considered to create a more natural-looking appearance and decrease the risk of complications such as capsular contracture. This approach is also known to reduce the risk of infection. For patients who are extremely active physically, such as bodybuilders and athletes, placing the implants over the pec muscles may be considered. Dr. Afrooz will advise on the best solution for your figure after performing a physical evaluation at your initial consultation.

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What are the benefits of breast augmentation?

  • A fuller, rounder bust
  • Increased femininity
  • Better proportions in the upper body
  • Improved wardrobe choices
  • Enhanced self-confidence
  • Long-lasting results

Am I a candidate for breast augmentation?

If you feel unhappy with the size or shape of your breasts, the problem can have a big impact on your confidence and quality of life. You may shy away from intimacy or feel embarrassed about the size or shape of your breasts. If you are in good general health and do not smoke, your life can be transformed with a breast augmentation in Miami.

Breast augmentation can address:

  • Smaller breasts – When the breasts are out of balance with your frame, augmentation can create a more feminine, curvy figure.
  • Unevenly-sized breasts – If one breast is larger than the other, breast augmentation can solve the problem.
  • Saggy, droopy breasts – You may need both breast augmentation and a breast lift to resolve saggy breasts.
  • Tubular breasts – Tubular breasts or other odd shapes can often be resolved with breast augmentation.
  • Breasts that appear deflated – After a dramatic loss of weight, bariatric surgery, or breastfeeding, your breasts can be restored with augmentation.
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What will my recovery entail?

After your breast augmentation in Miami, you will experience some bruising, swelling, and soreness in the breasts. This can last from a few days to a week or two. We recommend that patients get as much rest as possible following their procedure, which includes limiting any form of physical activity. This allows the body to heal properly and will help you recover sooner. You will need to sleep on your back and avoid putting any pressure or stress on the incisions. The implants take some time to “settle” into the final location on your chest wall.

What is the cost of breast augmentation?

The cost of breast augmentation in Miami varies, based upon the type and brand of implant and the surgical procedure. Cost is always an important factor, but what is more important is that the procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon who uses a meticulous surgical technique and who is known for creating beautiful, natural results.

While insurance does not typically cover elective cosmetic procedures, we can support you with financing options from a variety of healthcare lenders with reasonable APR’s and payment plans. These include CareCredit and Alphaeon.

Why Choose Dr. Afrooz?

Dr. Afrooz is known for his exceptional technique, skills, and talents. He is uncommonly dedicated to his patients, committed to creating the look they envisioned for their breasts. With his help, you can be confident in your results. With a breast augmentation by Dr. Afrooz, you can enhance the shape or size of your breasts and enjoy a natural-looking outcome. If you are located in or around Miami, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, or Fort Lauderdale, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Afrooz is a seasoned, board-certified plastic surgeon who received his medical degree from the elite Chicago Medical School, after which he completed a demanding seven-year plastic surgery residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He then continued to refine his modern approach with a highly competitive fellowship at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

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What are the risks of breast augmentation?

The risks of breast augmentation are very low when the procedure is performed by a highly-skilled plastic surgeon, but include excessive bleeding, anesthesia reactions, blood clots, or hematoma.

What is the effect on breastfeeding of my breast augmentation surgery?

Breast surgery will not interfere with your milk ducts, provided it is performed in such a way as to protect the nerves in your nipples from being disrupted. Dr. Afrooz will take into consideration your plans to breastfeed when choosing your incision sites and when placing the implants above or below the pec muscles.

What is the effect of pregnancy on my breast enhancement surgery?

There is no reason why a woman cannot become pregnant after her breast augmentation procedure. However, the hormones released during pregnancy along with changes in weight can compromise your aesthetic results, which is why most surgeons recommend that you are finished having children before undergoing upper body contouring.

Can I combine my breast augmentation with other procedures?

Yes! Breast augmentation is well-paired with mastopexy, or breast lift surgery. Mastopexy can address breast sagging and drooping and can correct low-hanging nipples that are facing downward. Breast augmentation is also a major component of a mommy makeover, a combination procedure used to overhaul the appearance after childbirth.

What are the scars associated with breast augmentation?

Scarring with breast augmentation is typically inconspicuous, thanks to the meticulous detail and precision employed by Dr. Afrooz. Incisions are placed around the nipples, with scars well-hidden in the dark pigments of the areolas; within the breast creases, where they are covered by a bra or bikini; or within the armpits, with the scars hidden inside the skin folds.

When will I be able to return to work after my breast augmentation?

Recovery is different for each person. Those with sedentary jobs will be able to resume work sooner than those with physically demanding occupations. Most patients will be able to go back to work within 5-10 days after their procedure.

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