Fellowship-trained, and one of Miami's top facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Paul N. Afrooz challenges that approach with a custom nose reshaping procedure called ethnic rhinoplasty. Dr. Afrooz listens to your concerns and creates a balanced look for your face while honoring your heritage.

What is ethnic rhinoplasty?

All racial backgrounds and identities have unique physical and aesthetic traits, be it the shape of the nose, lips, eyes, or the skin’s texture and thickness. All nose jobs and rhinoplasties should respect those ethnic markers of identity. This challenging task requires immense skill, dexterity, experience, knowledge, artistry and sensitivity.

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a subset of nose surgery performed on non-caucasian individuals. Traditional rhinoplasties aim to reshape the patient’s nose, modifying its shape, size or general appearance to ensure overall balance and facial symmetry.

Ethnic rhinoplasties have that same goal, but they also consider your ethnic background and distinct facial features, modifying your nose for overall balance and harmony without erasing physical signs of your ethnic background.

Our Miami rhinoplasty is considered one of the most challenging cosmetic procedures, and ethnic rhinoplasty takes that challenge further. As such, you must find an experienced and board certified practitioner with a proven track record of working with patients of multiple ethnic backgrounds. Dr. Afrooz has an in-depth understanding of the unique nasal features of all ethnic groups, allowing him to curate the ideal treatment plan for your specific needs.

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What are the benefits of ethnic rhinoplasty?

  • Enhanced Cosmetic Symmetry: Your nose is one of the central balancing structures in your face, responsible for overall symmetry. Ethnic rhinoplasties, like all rhinoplasties, modify your nasal structures to encourage greater symmetry, beauty and balance that compliments the rest of your facial features.
  • Honoring Ethnic Traits: Cosmetic surgeons without a strong familiarity with the unique facial features of different ethnic groups may homogenize their treatments, thereby offering a cookie-cutter treatment that erases parts of your unique identity. Ethnic rhinoplasties give you the aesthetic and cosmetic benefits you want while honoring your family’s unique identity and culture.
  • Correcting Structural Problems: Rhinoplasties also help us address structural problems with your nose that may lead to breathing problems. Appearance and functionality can be simultaneously addressed.

What is the ethnic rhinoplasty procedure?

During the initial consultation, Dr. Afrooz will examine your nose and discuss your expectations to curate an ideal rhinoplasty treatment plan, tailored to you. Dr. Afrooz, one of Miami's top facial plastic surgeons explains every step of the procedure before the treatment, so you know exactly what to expect.

Rhinoplasties are performed using one of the following methods:

  • Open Rhinoplasty: During this procedure, the cosmetic surgeon creates an incision on the base of the columella (tissue separating the nostrils) for comprehensive modification and reshaping.
  • Closed Rhinoplasty: During this procedure, the incisions are placed within the nostrils for minor corrections and revisions.

Dr. Afrooz will recommend the appropriate rhinoplasty method based on your expectations and needs. The ethnic rhinoplasty procedure may include several types of corrections all done in one operation. The doctor may reposition the nasal bones, change the shape of the cartilage, reshape the nasal septum or make other changes.

What is the cost of ethnic rhinoplasty?

The cost of ethnic rhinoplasty differs for each individual, depending on the type of rhinoplasty and amount of modifications necessary. Functional rhinoplasty to improve breathing may be covered by insurance, but cosmetic rhinoplasties are not. We accept all major credit cards and offer financing options, including CareCredit.

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Dr. Paul Afrooz

Why Choose Dr. Afrooz for Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Paul N. Afrooz is one of the country’s foremost experts in rhinoplasty, also serving as faculty for the annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting. Dr. Afrooz is a fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon with an exceptional track record, having treated men and women of all ethnicities in the Miami, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, and Fort Lauderdale areas.

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