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Natural. Discreet. Personal.

You have the right to enhance your face and body as you choose, creating your personal vision of beauty. When under the care of acclaimed board-certified Miami facial plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Afrooz, every procedure is performed to achieve results that are simply extraordinary.

Premier Facial Plastic Surgeon

Among the thousands of American facial plastic surgeons, few are as expertly trained or thoroughly experienced as Dr. Paul Afrooz. Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of the Aesthetic Society and American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Afrooz is one of the best facial plastic surgeons in the United States.

Now the author of over 50 peer-reviewed articles on facial plastic surgeries and minimally invasive facial rejuvenation, Dr. Afrooz completed his fellowship training at the most prestigious aesthetic surgery fellowship program in the world, the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, where he capitalized on mentorship and training by industry leaders.

Remaining ever abreast of advances in facial plastic surgery technique, in 2021 he co-authored the latest of no less than 10 educational textbooks of which he has been part: “Masters of Cosmetic Surgery” dives deep into the cutting-edge art and technique of the most popular facial and body plastic surgery procedures.

Passionate about facial rejuvenation and his natural facial plastic surgery results, Dr. Afrooz shares perfected technique with the world at large, but there is a world of difference between having your facelift performed by a master professional over having it done by one of the master’s protegees.

Fulfill your potential

There comes a time when only a surgical facelift can restore a more youthful look. Dr. Afrooz is a perfectionist at Miami facial plastic surgery, performing custom facelift procedures with advanced techniques for a remarkably natural look.

Facelift »

Improve your profile

Sagging, crepey neck skin, marred by wrinkles, lines, or vertical bands, can be resolved with a custom neck lift. With a custom neck lift procedure, your neck can appear defined, youthful, and free from the visible signs of aging skin.

Neck Lift »

Total facial balance

Your nose can be reshaped to be balanced with your other features, enhancing your overall look. For a custom rhinoplasty, performed with ultimate attention to detail, your facial features will come into balance – it can change your life.

Rhinoplasty »

Rejuvenate and awaken

Are you unhappy to be living with a heavy, lined, sagging brow? Dr. Afrooz performs the most advanced brow lift surgeries with endoscopic techniques for faster healing and stunning results.

Brow Lift »

Youthful brightness

Are your eyes revealing your age, with your eyelids beginning to sag and droop? Your entire facial look can be restored with a custom eyelid surgery, performed by a guru in the art of facial enhancement, Dr. Paul Afrooz.

Eyelid Surgery»

Discover facial harmony

The perfect facial structure is balanced, with each feature working together. Facial implants can be placed to resolve a receding, small, or uneven chin or add sculpted definition at your cheeks.

Facial Implants »
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The perfect breasts for your body.

Do you dream of having more beautiful breasts, perfectly balanced for your body? Dr. Paul Afrooz is among the best breast surgeons practicing in the Miami area and performs custom breast surgeries for augmentation, reduction, revision, and reconstruction.

The Medspa

A non-surgical solution

Injectables, whether dermal fillers or neuromodulators, can produce incredible results. The secret behind the steady stream of loyal patients who come to our medspa is the quality of the results we achieve.


Infuse and restore

Time can take a toll on your facial skin causing the soft, supple, firm quality to fade. With SkinPen microneedling performed at our medspa, the inner structure of your skin is restored and firmed as natural collagen regenerates.


All the results, none of the downtime

Watch the years disappear with a custom liquid facelift at our medspa. When performed with professional skill, a liquid facelift will smooth away lines, wrinkles, and creases, while subtly lifting your skin for more youthful jaw definition – all without surgery.


Let your true skin breathe

Your skin can be enhanced and regenerated, and a custom, medical-grade chemical peel can trigger a healing response. Watch lines and wrinkles fade away, along with age spots and other signs of aging or damaged skin.


Your body is your ally

Watch the signs of aging skin disappear with a custom dermabrasion treatment to remove dull, dead skin cells allowing fresh, new, healthy skin to be revealed for a healthy, youthful glow.


Get the voluminous look

Plumper, fuller lips can be yours in just minutes with the help of our talented injectors. Create the perfect Cupid’s bow, lusher lips, and a more sensuous look.

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