What is Moxi?

Moxi could be the perfect addition to your regular skincare regimen. The treatment takes only about 15 minutes to complete, delivering non-ablative, fractionated light energy to correct the early signs of sun damage, or remove hyperpigmentation. The end result is healthier, glowing skin, with virtually no recovery time.

What can Moxi treat?

Moxi is one of the most advanced skin rejuvenation devices to become available in the USA. This device delivers a remarkably gentle experience, and is the secret to healthy, glowing skin. It can treat a range of skin issues, including:

  • Melasma
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Early signs of aging skin
  • Facial laxity

What are the benefits of a Moxi treatment?

Moxi treatment offer patients many benefits, including:

  • Renewed skin quality
  • Increased collagen production
  • Speeded skin cell turnover
  • Less downtime
  • Safe treatment for all skin tones
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What is a treatment with Moxi like to experience?

Moxi is a very popular skin rejuvenation treatment, as it is very gentle and effective. In treatment, you may feel a minor prickling sensation. It is so gentle, numbing cream could be unnecessary, unless you are sensitive. The device is passed over the skin to address areas of skin laxity, hyperpigmentation, or other skin flaws. The energy emitted by the device can be customized to match your skin tone, condition, and your sensitivity. After the procedure, your skin will feel warm, and may be slightly red, which will fade quickly.

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What is the recovery time after Moxi?

After your Moxi treatment, your skin must be treated with extreme care, avoiding the application of any harsh products. The healing process can be enhanced with the application of PRP or PRF. A special moisturizer can be applied to keep the skin hydrated and moist. The skin may feel slightly roughened in the early stages of healing. Tiny scabs may form (which will be virtually invisible to others), which soon fall off. Avoid touching your skin and allow it to heal naturally. You will need about four to six weeks to enjoy the full results of your treatment, as the skin takes time to regenerate.

Who is a candidate for Sciton Moxi Laser?

The beauty of Moxi is that this skin rejuvenation treatment is appropriate for almost every person, with any skin color. It is a gentle treatment that produces a visible level of skin rejuvenation. As the device features the option to vary the energy settings, it allows for truly custom treatments. 

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Why choose us?

Any skin conditioning treatment should be performed by a certified professional, coupled with the most stringent health and safety protocols. Dr. Afrooz is a consummate professional, and a leader in the field of face and body rejuvenation. He oversees every treatment to ensure the results achieved exceed expectations. He has selected Moxi to offer his patients the ability to rejuvenate the skin without a longer recovery time. When under the care of his team, your journey to youthful skin will be in comfort, privacy, and personalized care.

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