Why Choose Facial Plastic Surgery For Men?

Over the past few years, the number of men seeking plastic surgery has significantly increased, and we have observed a surge in male patients at our practice. These individuals are eager to improve their appearance and are no longer content with the aesthetic changes that occur as they age. Dr. Afrooz provides various aesthetic procedures that enable our male patients to attain their desired results, resulting in a boost of self-assurance and renewed vigor.

Men's Facelift

Dr. Afrooz's Facelift for Men is able to restore youthful definition to two areas that are important to all men: (i) the neck and (ii) the jawline. These areas are largely unaffected by diet and exercise, meaning that excess fat and skin will accumulate and be difficult to get rid of. Patients who are struggling with these conditions can benefit from Dr. Afrooz's Facelift for Men. 

It’s no secret that a strong jawline is emblematic of a healthy, younger man, so Dr. Afrooz uses his customized deep plane neck lift to remove platysmal banding and jowling with a carefully calculated technique. Once this unwanted, excess tissue is removed, Dr. Afrooz can cut a sharp but natural angle underneath the chin and along the neckline. This aspect of the procedure alone can make a patient look as much as ten years younger.

Dr. Afrooz puts a special finishing touch on every procedure by making his incision just inside the tragus of the ear and behind the ear so that it is virtually invisible to onlookers. The procedure is able to create the image of a man that exudes vitality, confidence, and a youthful glow. Furthermore, there is only a week of downtime, meaning that patients can get back to accomplishing their tasks in no time. 

For the male patient who wants to regain the piercing eyes of his youth, a blepharoplasty and a temporal brow lift can also be incorporated into the treatment plan. Dr. Afrooz takes a subtle and conservative approach to enhancing men's eyes, ensuring that the patient doesn’t walk away with a “worked on” appearance. He knows how to handle the area carefully, making sure that the brow maintains its naturally angled and strong appearance. 

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Additional Surgical Options for The Modern Man

When non-surgical facial enhancement may not be enough, we have a handful of surgical options available to help give you the aesthetic look you desire. Dr. Afrooz offers the following surgical options for men:

Deep Plane Facelift

This facelift results in a significant change. In addition to sculpting the features and defining the facial shape, a deep plane facelift addresses the underlying ligaments that anchor the features downward, resulting in a dramatic yet very natural-looking, lifted result. 


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that addresses imperfections in areas such as the nasal tip, bridge, and nostrils. Beyond improving the shape, size, and projection of the nose, it can also address structural issues that inhibit healthy breathing. This procedure is popular among men who are looking to achieve more balance between their noses and the rest of their features. 

Patients who have already undergone rhinoplasty and would like to address issues related to their procedure have the opportunity to do so with revision rhinoplasty. Whether the patient is experiencing aesthetic or functional issues, revision surgery can provide relief. 

Neck Lift

Signs of aging often develop in the neck first. Some common issues in this area include sagging skin, creases, vertical neck bands, and jowls. A neck lift refines the area below the jaw, giving the patient a more youthful and refined jawline that exudes strength and longevity. 

Lower facelift

Men who are struggling with signs of aging in the bottom third of the facial region can rely on a lower facelift to reduce jowls and a double chin. This specialized procedure can also address wrinkles and lines in the area, giving the patient an overall tighter appearance. 

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Over time, the skin on the upper eyelids starts to stretch and sag, resulting in an overly tired look. Blepharoplasty can help men who are struggling with this issue by removing the excess tissue from the eyelids, giving them a stronger, sharper look. 

Brow Lift 

Some men struggle with forehead wrinkles and sagging brows. A brow lift can help patients address this, resulting in a smoother and more refined aesthetic. When treating male patients, Dr. Afrooz takes a conservation approach to ensure that their natural contours are preserved. 


Unlike women, most men don’t have the option of hiding their ears behind long hair. Fortunately, men no longer have to settle for projecting ears. An otoplasty is designed to modify the angle of the ears, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing ear appearance. 

Chin implants

Chin augmentation surgery is a procedure that involves placing a custom chin implant into the face, giving the patient a more robust profile. The patient’s profile can be enhanced to bring balance and harmony to their features while giving the jawline a more chiseled look. This is most often sought out by men who are looking to improve their look. 

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Dr. Afrooz Speaks About 4 Differences Between a Male and Female Facelift with New Beauty 

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Dr. Afrooz: An Expert in Men’s Facial Procedures

Having extensive experience in assisting patients with their aesthetic aspirations, Dr. Afrooz has become renowned for his proficiency in the field of male aesthetics. Recently, he was featured in an article published by New Beauty, where he served as an advisor on the differences between facelifts for men and women. Dr. Afrooz's exceptional understanding of the unique anatomical differences between males and females enables him to customize treatments for his male clients that deliver exceptional outcomes while preserving their masculinity.

Dr. Afrooz's educational and training background is extensive, having completed his studies at Cornell University, Chicago Medical School, and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He has authored several articles on aesthetic procedures, including facelifts, neck lifts, and rhinoplasty. In addition to his expertise, Dr. Afrooz is known for his patient-centric approach. He is committed to ensuring that his patients are comfortable throughout the treatment process.

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