Three ways Paul Afrooz Plastic Surgery uses PRF/PRP to refresh teh appearance

Paul Afrooz Plastic Surgery uses PRF/PRP in three ways to achieve beautiful, renewed results, from hair restoration to skin rejuvenation.


PRP/PRF treatments are a breakthrough technology to trigger hair follicles, renew function, and restore hair growth. PRP and PRF contain growth factors that stimulate the function of hair follicles to resolve hair loss and reverse the onset of balding.

PRP, short for platelet-rich plasma, is created from the plasma in your blood that your body uses to heal and regenerate itself. When the plasma is separated from the blood and in concentrated form, the platelets are packed tightly together, resulting in stronger, more powerful effects.

PRF, short for platelet-rich fibrin, is a version of platelet-rich plasma. PRF is a stronger, more concentrated version of PRP that is separated out with a slower centrifuge process. Both PRP and PRF contain biologically active proteins and growth factors that regenerate and activate the hair follicles.


PRF is used to address many of the same issues as PRP, but PRF releases growth factors for much longer, up to one week, versus PRP which releases growth factors for few hours. This means that PRF could have better longer-term benefits. The growth factors are what stimulate the stem cells to improve collagen and elastin in the skin. The platelets in PRF are thought to be more robust than those in PRP, and to therefore promote faster healing.

The prepared PRF is immediately ready for injection into the face to fill facial folds and wrinkles, to plump the hollows under the eyes and dark circles, and to improve skin tone and texture. The PRF can also be injected into the scalp to aid with hair restoration and growth.


The skin under the eyes is one of the thinnest skin on our body. It can be one of the first areas that show signs of aging. PRF is one of the ideal treatments that improves this area and can be a better option than heat-based skin tightening devices.

PRF can also enhance the results of fillers under the eyes. Injecting fillers under the eyes, like Restylane, can instantly improve the hollowness under the eyes and is a fabulous treatment to instantly rejuvenate this area. However, too much fillers under the eyes can make the eyes look puffy or cause a bluish tinge if injected too superficially. Also, it can be very difficult to treat the dark circles only with fillers. Injecting PRF in addition to the fillers can significantly enhance the results of the fillers by tightening the loose skin under the eyes and improving the dark circles.

What Should I expect during a PRP/PRF Treatment?

The first step of hair restoration with PRP/PRF is drawing a small amount of blood from the arm. The blood is spun in a centrifuge. This separates out the PRP. During the centrifuge process to separate out PRF, the blood is spun more slowly, keeping the cells more intact.

  • For hair restoration: Once the PRP/PRF is separated out, a local anesthetic is applied to your scalp. This ensures you are comfortable during the treatment. We will inject the areas of your scalp where the hair is thinning with tiny injections of PRP/PRF.
  • For under-eye rejuvenation: The PRP is used for injection under the eyes, resolving dark under-eye circles and helping to achieve a smooth line from the eyes to the cheekbones, and refreshing the appearance.
  • For skin revitalization: PRF is used with the skin pen microneedling device to address specific skin concerns and refresh and renew the skin. PRF can also be injected into the skin to help rejuvenate its appearance.

Regardless of how it’s used, whether for hair restoration, under-eye treatments, or skin rejuvenation, you can expect the procedure to take about an hour or less. There may be some redness and swelling at the injection site. However, these side effects will fade quickly.

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Benefits of PRP/PRF Treatments

PRP and PRF trigger the cells to function newly, producing new cells, renewing the skin structure, or growing thicker, healthier hairs. PRP/PRF skin and hair treatments are so popular because of the many benefits they provide for those who are beginning to notice signs of age or who are seeing their hair thinning:

  • Non-surgical rejuvenation treatment for fresh skin, restored volume, and thick hair
  • No downtime, only a brief recovery period
  • Relatively painless treatment
  • Regenerates hair follicles to produce healthy, thicker strands of hair
  • Regenerates the skin cells to plump and restructure the skin

Candidates for PRP/PRF Treatments

Any person who is noticing circles under their eyes, or thinning hair is a likely candidate for PRP/PRF treatments or hair restoration. If you have dark under-eye circles, dull skin or skin problems, or your hair follicles are starting to produce finer, thinner hair, you are likely a good candidate for this treatment. Patients who have the best outcomes from PRP meet the following criteria: You are generally in good health & you have no infections or rashes in the treatment area.


  • You are in the early stages of hair loss (not fully bald)
  • You have male or female pattern hair loss
  • You have not had recent steroid treatments


  • You are noticing skin flaws and changes
  • You are seeing volume loss or other changes


  • The area under your eyes has lost volume
  • Hollows or dark circles have appeared below your eyes
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Results after a PRP/PRF Treatment

It will take about one month for the results to begin to appear. PRP/PRF treatment triggers the body from within to heal, renewing and plumping the skin or stimulating the hair follicles to grow thick, healthy hair again. After a few weeks, you will begin to see an improvement in your skin or the denseness and thickness of your hair.

Within about three months, you will see a dramatic improvement in the quality of your skin and the thickness and amount of hair in the areas that were treated. PRP/PRF results are not permanent, but they are quite long-lasting. Patients will enjoy more beautiful skin, more youthful volume, or a thicker, healthier, and fuller head of hair for up to two years before a maintenance treatment is needed.

The hair growth cycle requires that the follicles be treated at different times. Because of this, for hair restoration, we recommend three sessions of PRP/PRF, spaced one month apart, to achieve ideal results.

Recovery Period and Aftercare tips after PRP/PRF Treatments

There is no significant recovery period after PRP/PRF. However, there are some mild side effects, such as minor pain, slight bleeding, some swelling, itching, headache or tenderness. These should be minor enough for you to continue with your usual activities and routine and will fade over the following days and weeks. 

Follow these aftercare tips for the best results:

  • Do not use a sauna or steam room or go swimming for two days.
  • Do not drink alcohol or caffeine for three days to a week after treatment.
  • Do not smoke for at least a week following your treatment.
  • For hair restoration: Do not use hair products for at least six hours after your PRP/PRF injections. Take a hot shower on the evening of your treatment to promote the circulation and effects of your treatment.

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Why Choose Paul Afrooz Plastic Surgery for PRP/PRF Treatments?

Dr. Paul N. Afrooz is a board-certified plastic surgeon whose background of rigorous, elite training makes him a top choice for those looking for the very best. With his team, he provides outstanding patient care, compassionate understanding, professional service, and exceptional results. To learn more about your skin or hair restoration treatments with PRP/PRF, we invite you to call today to schedule a consultation.

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