– Konstantine Amax

“One the the best plastic Surgeons in Miami. I didn’t know him what so ever but felt a good feeling bout Dr Afrooz. Patient no haggling or rushing to operating room to take your $$$. Love his work and his HONESTY / confidence and did what he said !! Very satisfied with results!! THANK YOU.”

– Anonymous

“Dr. Afrooz is an impeccably trained and highly experienced plastic surgeon for the entire body. But he’s also an expert with Botox and fillers and has the gentle touch. I had wrinkles in my forehead and around my eyes that I wanted eliminated. But I didn’t want it to look noticeable. Dr. Afrooz to the rescue. He gently injected Botox in my face in such a way that I could still move my eyebrows and there were no resulting visible bruises. Whether you want Botox as a wrinkle preventative or a wrinkle concealer, Dr. Afrooz is your “go-to” guy. He’s also an expert in fillers if you’re interested in making changes to your appearance. You will know you were in great hands when you see the outcome.”

– Yvonne

“Great Surgeon, Great bedside manner, wonderful staff, very happy.”

– Bridgette Alise

“Awesome surgeon with a great bedside manner. Amazing results!”

– Anonymous

“Dr. Afrooz is a perfectionist and carefully listened to my concerns. He delivered excellent results. Highly recommend.”

– Luiz Roberto Araujo

“Excellent surgeon and very nice person! Great teacher. Best facelift outcomes that I´ve ever seen.”