Every year, patients spend millions of dollars on facial rejuvenation and enhancement in an effort to look their very best. Many patients wish to halt or slow the aging process. The good news is that this can be done very effectively while achieving beautiful and natural results.

The requests for non-invasive procedures such as neuromodulators (Botox®Dysport®, Xeomin®), and fillers (Juvederm®, Voluma®Restylane®Radiesse®) are on the rise. While these injectables are very effective, there are many situations in which these products cannot offer the optimal rejuvenation or aesthetic enhancement that a patient seeks. When this is the case, I frequently discuss facial rejuvenation surgery.  All too often, patients worry about a “pulled” or “unnatural appearance.” It is very easy to understand these concerns, but I often explain that facial rejuvenation surgery – when performed properly – will provide a very natural, and long-lasting rejuvenation far more effectively than neuromodulators or fillers.

There are several factors that lead to long-lasting, beautiful and natural facelift results. First, to avoid the “pulled look,” the lift takes place in the deeper SMAS layer of the face. This layer is composed of muscle and connective tissue that is repositioned during the procedure. The High SMAS technique provides rejuvenation of the cheeks, mouth, jawline, and neck. This creates a natural, soft appearance without the harsh pulled look. Using the High SMAS technique allows the tension to be taken off of the skin ,which is often what leads to the pulled appearance. 

Traditional facelifts or mini-lifts use a one-layer technique in which the skin is pulled to provide the lift. However, the skin serves a covering and protective function and is not meant to be pulled. By diverting the pull to the deeper layers, Dr. Afrooz is able to avoid the pulled appearance. 

The youthful face is padded and plush with a small, but healthy layer of fat. When we age, we have a tendency to lose this plush softness of the face. Sometimes the fat disappears, and sometimes it moves from the places we want it to be to unwanted places. This can create a harsh appearance to the face. Dr. Afrooz frequently combines his facelift techniques with fat injections to the face to recreate an elegant and soft appearance. The combination of these techniques allows Dr. Afrooz to achieve a youthful appearance to the face.  

It is important to note that we all recognize a poorly performed facelift that looks unnatural or pulled. However, the well-performed facelift leaves no telltale signs of surgery.  If you are considering a facelift or neck lift, Dr. Afrooz can help.

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