Timing is a crucial factor in planning cosmetic procedures. When considering what time of the year is best to get plastic surgery, your first thought may not be winter, but that’s the time of year most surgeons recommend. Here are three reasons winter is the best time to get plastic surgery.

Your final results will be ready by next summer

One of the best reasons to get plastic surgery in the winter is that you won’t waste your summer on recovery. Additionally, the final results of many procedures take up to six months to appear, such as breast augmentation and facelift surgery, take up to six months to appear. Scheduling your plastic surgery for December through February is the best way to ensure your final results will be ready to show off by next summer!

Winter plastic surgery recovery is much easier than summer

During the summer, you’re more likely to be active outside. Most major plastic surgery procedures require you to avoid strenuous activities for up eight weeks, such as a tummy tuck. Scheduling plastic surgery for winter will ensure you are ready to resume all strenuous exercise by the time the summer weather arrives and that you won’t miss out on any summer fun.

Additionally, cooler winter temperatures significantly help with the swelling and bruising associated with surgery. Heat can irritate swelling, while cool winter temperatures are optimal, especially for surgeries such as breast reconstruction.

Another reason why winter plastic surgery recovery is more manageable than summer is that it’s easier to conceal compression garments, surgical bandages, and swelling under winter clothing. Compression garments also add another layer of warmth, which is more welcome in the winter than in summer.

It’s easier to avoid direct sunlight in the winter

Many cosmetic procedures, such as rhinoplasty and chemical peels, require you to avoid direct sunlight while recovering. Our skin is at its most vulnerable following a cosmetic procedure, and overexposure to the sun could extend your recovery time in the following ways:

  • Direct sunlight causes UV damage, making resulting scars more prominent
  • Direct sunlight can cause your scars to darken
  • Hyperpigmentation may be permanent
  • Increased risk of infection if the wound or scar is exposed to the sun

Avoiding direct sunlight can be especially difficult during the warmer months when you want to be outside enjoying the sunshine, not tucked away recovering inside. During the winter, the sun’s UV is reduced, and the days are much shorter, making it easier to recover while avoiding the sun for optimal results.

Plan ahead with Dr. Afrooz

When summer approaches, more people want to schedule their desired procedure in time to be ready for the beach. You can beat the rush and have greater scheduling flexibility when you have your plastic surgery in the winter, especially for significant procedures such as a mommy makeover.

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